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About Every Wine a Story...

First of all, if you are reading this then a deep and sincere thank you! My beloved Uncle taught me as a small boy that our food and drink are meant to be simple pleasures...my goal is to uphold his wisdom and ensure that everyone knows the simple pleasure of a meal well prepared and paired with a delicious drink. 

I've been cooking since I was a small boy, enjoying the aromas of my mother and grandmother's kitchens. So, it only makes sense that I eventually became formally trained in wine as a Sommelier. I did this primarily because I needed that rigid structure and technique to understand the apparent enigmatic nature (emphasis on apparent) of a glass of wine. As well as, I believe tasting wine should always be a pleasurable and fun experience. After all, we are all experts at knowing exactly what we like and don't like regardless of another's opinion. 

This drove me to educate myself with several online coding courses so I could have the technical prowess to build my own wine app, WineLingual. It is the World's Ultimate Wine Tasting App! Thoughtfully organized it allows the user to taste the wine for him/herself, scoring it simply or using a more in-depth methodology. "Pour It, Score It & Store It", is as simple as it sounds. I will walk you through each wine utilizing my app to enhance your appreciation of the wines you like to drink! 

Our sense of smell is developed over our lifetimes and is impacted by both our DNA and culture we were brought up in. The foods, odors, scents and aromas we experience are different for all of us and some of us are affected differently by certain smells. For instance I am highly sensitive to the odor of a freshly cut green bell pepper (chemical is in the family 'pyrazines'). So, accordingly Sauvignon Blanc wines from New Zealand are easy for me to identify, since this is a primary characteristic of these exquisite wines. 

My journey, my quest if you will is to create a Tribe...a Wine & Food Tribe of people from our global community who all have a shared interest in the food and wine we enjoy by giving us a language...a way to communicate regardless of our nationality or country of origin. To create a global list of "Hard Hat Wines" wines for the working woman or man that are affordable and delicious. The patron dollars will go to keeping advertisements out of the videos, traveling expenses and wine costs. I will not accept payment to profile a wine and feature it in one of my videos.

So, join me Rodney "The Renegade Somm" as we taste the world's wines and delicious foods learning to pair them perfectly along the way. As well as, giving a voice to the smaller producers and making new friends in the global community as we travel together sharing our experiences. Weekly, we will explore a new wine and/or recipe, it's history and region and food/wine pairing suggestions....then we will Pour It, Score It & Store It! 

A Word of Caution: Once we have broken bread and shared wine we will be part of a bigger family a global community of people, "The WineLingual WineKnows" and our mission...to enjoy the simple pleasures of food, wine, conversation and hopefully a sunset here and there. Cheers!

"I wish you a life...lived well..." - Rodney "The Renegade Somm"
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I will begin to travel to small and medium sized wineries outside of California, exploring Oregon and Washington state wines and cuisines. It's at this point I want to expand my videos to include short but insightful interviews with the winemakers, chefs and sommeliers. 
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