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About WineTrip

We’ve been to many wineries over the years across Australia and New Zealand and we thought it was about time we started sharing some of those stories.

What really fascinates me about wineries, is that it’s a business that requires many different disciplines. From marketing, hospitality, accounting, sales, digital and above all of that, it’s a farm!

There are some big wineries in Australia but there are far more small wineries run by families or individuals who have built a business with the sole purpose to create a wine so nice, that some random stranger is willing to pay money for to drink it.

Every time we’ve been that stranger, walking into a winery to see what their wines taste like, it’s usually the stories that they tell us that creates the connection.

Our goal is to surface these stories, make it more than just a bottle sitting on a shelf.
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Monthly visits to Australian wine regions to discover more stories.
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