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We've always been a podcast by the fans, for the fans. Do you know how much $1/per episode (4 episodes per month) would help us? We only have 8 months left [cue tears], so this roughly equals out to $32 (I think, I'm a dancer so I can really only count to 8).  If you sign up to support us at this level, we'll send you a pink Spalding ball just like Toby Ziegler's!
The Virtual Potluck aka The Internet People Have Gone Crazy
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That's right! Break out the Butterball Turkey, Mrs. Landingham's Cookies, and all the Bartlet Chili you care to consume! Andrea or Sallie will do one private group Facebook Live gathering per month until we conclude the podcast - exclusively for you guys! We'll choose an episode to rewatch and chat along to it together. (And if you don't have Facebook, we'll figure out how to loop you in via Skype or Google Hangout). 

The Guest Star
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$50/month? What a star! You probably have really interesting insights & opinions about The West Wing. Join us as a co-host for one podcast episode* via Skype/Google Hangout.

*Episode selection pending based on availability & producer approval.



About Wingin' It

Hey guys, it's Andrea (& Sallie). We love making this podcast for you, and we've enjoyed it since the day we debuted in March of 2015. Some of you are new listeners (hello!) and some of you have been with us since day 1. Though we have thousands of you who listen to the podcast each week (how crazy!), we haven't made ONE CENT from doing the show. We're not in it for the money (obviously) but it would be so helpful if we could recoup some of the costs we've taken on to make this show special. So that's our first goal!

If we receive anything beyond that initial break-even goal, that'll be such a blessing for the time we've spent over the years to bring this podcast to life. Each episode takes roughly 2.5 hours to create, and we've got well over 100 episodes, so we've basically worked for free for over 250 hours (10 days!). Think of all the books we could've been writing! Haha. 

All in all, we love making the show for you, and we'll continue to do so. Since we fund the show ourselves without sponsors, we would be helped greatly by anything you're able & willing to contribute. Thanks for taking this journey with us!
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Our first goal is simply to recoup the money we've spent traveling to New York, Austin, & Los Angeles to get cast member interviews for the podcast. We tallied it up and thus far, our first goal amount simply helps us to break even for what we've spent, without making any money for producing the show. 
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