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I do not use a paywall to put content behind a gate. If you think that the written and audio material listed here may help you read the Bible better and you want to support that kind of material, go ahead and chip in something, but don’t feel obligated to do so. Any chip in you offer, even verbal compliments, are welcome.

Think of subscribing to my Patreon site as like paying a fee that you don’t really have to pay in order to subscribe, but still reap the benefits. However, having said that, putting a buck or so in the pot is appreciated.




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This Patreon site serves as a portal to many of my websites, which house Bible articles, Bible studies, and podcasts. Let me introduce myself. My name is Winn Griffin and I am the curator of these sites.

Over a forty year plus career, I have functioned as a publisher, Bible teacher, pastor, Bible study writer, and ghostwriter teaching in the church and in the academy during that time.

Look at these sites with "both eyes open."

  • DrWinn. (Theological Musings...)
  • Training Jesus Followers. (Weekly Encounters with Scripture)
  • AskDrWinn. (Answering Bible and Theological Questions in Plain English)
  • Reading the Bible Story. (A Life Changing Experience). An easy way to read the Bible daily without all the additives.
  • ChurchWorld. (Stepping Out of the System) Articles from a provocateur's point of view.

You will note that at the bottom of each article within the sites, there is a Patreon button that allows you to participate in being a patron. Go ahead, chip in if you think you should by clicking on the "Become a Patron" button, up and to the right!

Just for fun! Enjoy a short podcast here or here

Welcome aboard!

You can see more about me here

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