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We want to create videos about things we enjoy and love, not just videos we're contracted to do. With your patronage we will be able to go more places and do more things so we can come back and share them with you; it will help us to purchase gear, which will give us the ability to create hiking, cooking, and other videos we haven't even thought of yet.

A winning tortoise?
The idea to start a video production company had been a dream for a few years, but only recently did I decide to work on making it a reality. I started making plans, but I could not think of a name.
A popular financial guru once used the Tortoise and the Hare to illustrate steady hard work and determination leads to achieving your financial and life goals. No matter how many times he read the story, the ending was the same: the tortoise always wins. I had heard this story many times since I was a little kid, but it did not really resonate with me until I heard it used this way. One day I was in need of encouragement and my significant other said, among other things, the phrase "the tortoise always wins.”
Winning Tortoise Productions is a constant reminder of the hard work and dedication needed to achieve my goals in life. It is my hope Aesop’s fable will conjure the same need to move forward, even if it is a slow and steady pace.

The Tortoise Always Wins!
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Once we reach 100 Tortoise Friends, we are going on a weekend backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail and making a video from it to share with you!
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