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What is Wipefest?

Wipefest is all about helping teams reach their full potential.

While I develop new features, I constantly question myself: "How can I make this more helpful? What answers are players searching for that I can provide?".

Just find a log for the fight that you want to analyse, and Wipefest will do the rest.

Who am I?

I'm Yax: geek, gamer, and developer. One day, I made a spreadsheet to help our guild co-ordinate our healing cooldowns for Krosus. It was really helpful to have a high-level overview of what was happening in the fight, so that we could plan around it.

I decided to take that concept and see if I could bring it to the entire World of Warcraft community. Since then, it has grown into a fully automated analysis tool that can pinpoint your team's performance on different mechanics.

Why Patreon?

Since I announced Wipefest back in mid-2017, the response has been overwhelming. It makes me really happy to see so many people using the tool and finding it helpful. I've spent hundreds of hours developing Wipefest, and I'd love to spend hundreds more, but sometimes it can be hard to justify spending so much time on the project, while also balancing full-time work and home-life.

Even without taking hours worked into account, Wipefest has been running at a loss from the beginning, with now hundreds of dollars a month of server costs. These costs simply increase with more usage and as I develop more sophisticated features (such as multi-pull analysis).

If you find the tool helpful and want to support future development, then feel free to add your patronage to contribute to server costs, or even just a slice of pizza to keep me going 😉🍕

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