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  • My absolute thanks!
  • Special access to my "Unlisted" videos in Youtube. (Which is mostly WIPs and MEMES.)
  • General access to my WIPs and render tests!
  • Get a shout-out at the credits of every major project!
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  • Hugs and kisses.
  • Doodle request during streams!
  • Have insight on my future projects and what I plan to animate next.
  •  Early access to my animations! You'll be able to view them the day before I plan to release em!
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  • My eternal love.
  • You get a drawing request during streams! (I'll send you the final product as well.)
  • One on one tutorials on how to improve your animations!
  • You can now request motion data from finished animations. 




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About wishuponacrane

I've been doing MMD animations and artworks for a long time now and it's getting harder and harder to juggle through college, life and everything. This patreon will be a big help to me.

I mostly do fanwork. Fan-animations, fanart and such and if you like the things I post it'd be really nice of you to be a patreon. : D

$9 of $50 per month
  • I'll have an actual set schedule for livestreams every week instead of every other week.
  • I'll get a premium account for PicartoTV so there will be multistreams with Puccagarukiss and MagicalPouchofMagic.
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