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About Wisperia

Hi, I`m Wisperia and this is my Patreon page!
I am ex-cosplayer and wigmaker from Moscow, Russia.

I`m in love with making wigs, I like to put a piece in someone's cosplay, I feel like it helps to create beauty! However, if you ask me what I like to do the most the answer will be Craft. Craft wigs introduces me to euphoric state, I would gladly left only in crafting wigs, but it's very hard and takes very much time :( With your help, this dream can become a reality!

Patreon page
Patreon contains all my activities, on the progress of wigs to video tutorials!

Since  2018 my patreon page is for patrons only, but you can see all my free post for the first year :) New patrons will see 1 last published reward + 1 new this month reward depens on the pledge. If you want to see all my tutorials and videos you have to become R+ tier patron ^__^

Tutorials and Articles
The purpose of my patreon page is to show you how I'm doing complicated wigs, many of the technologies are similar, so it's very useful. However, this is all payed closed information, so I hope my patrons  have  conscience and  I will not find my tutorials outside of my page, I really do not like freeloaders (evil laugh)

All of my tutorials you can see on my patreon page on R+ tier and list of published tutorials is here

Yes, yes and yes! I take wigs commissions! To make an order you have to check out my site to see details :)

My main job - making wigs. Even $ 1 will help me in my wigmaker career, because I still have space to grow and develop!

Don't be afraid about my activity: I always make posts on patreon at the end of each month!
Please be patience :)

UPD: Since June 2019 I make 1 big post per week. There are 4-20 WIP collages (6-60 photos), so quantity of posts become less but now It's easier to follow every step of styling.

34% complete
It will be time to make wig`s video tutorials!

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