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This is the first and last stop, so to speak, of my funding. If you feel like giving me more, feel free to, as this is a pay what you want Patreon. Whatever you decide, rewards include:
-Receiving all of my work earlier than anywhere else, whether it is my writing, maps, or art commissioned for me.
-Patreon-exclusive updates, odds and ends, and works in progress
-Source files for all artwork, be it Inkscape .svg, Photoshop .pds, Illustrator .ai, etc.

-Ability to request changes (to a reasonable degree) to work for Patrons' own purposes (e.g., printing)
-The ability to interact directly with me on Patreon or Discord (latter via request); I'm always up for questions, requests for content, providing help with your own project, or more.
-Having your ideas help influence my major projects before the final draft is out




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About Lynn Sparks

Hello and welcome to the Witch of Winter's Patreon! I'm Lynn, known online by ToixStory and Witch0Winter and I create political maps, alternate history fiction, and pixel art (as well as a few bits & bobs here and there), primarily on deviantartalternatehistory.comtwitter, and my own website. I believe that my work should always be free to view—that is, never behind a paywall—and so all of my cartographical and other works are put on here for everyone to see. This Patreon, then, is a way for people to combine a sort of "tip jar" and a more personal way to interact with me, be it via chats, help with their own work, exclusive art, or extra large files. That way, you'll never have to worry about being forced to buy the main body of my work. Sharing is caring and it means a more personal touch for my patrons!

You'll also notice that I have my donations set up on a month-by-month basis, rather than by project. This is because the maps, alternate history writing, and pixel art I produce take a lot of time and energy, and may, occasionally, last longer than a month. With monthly donations, I don't have to worry about having enough food on my table, and thus I never rush any of my projects. The finished product will always be the very best I can make it. Plus, it means if I'm more productive one month it won't hurt your wallet, and instead allow you to sit back and enjoy the extra content.

One thing immediately different about my Patreon from many others is that there are no reward tiers beyond the most basic. This is because, as I've grown to be a part of the Patreon community I increasingly believe that it is not right to withhold content from those who simply don't have the money to pay it.

Instead, my funding will be set up similar to other projects like the Humble Bundle. Starting with a base of $1, you, the patron, can donate as much as you feel is right per month and get all the content I give to Patreons no matter if you give $1 or $100 or $1000. You pay what you think the content is worth, and I'll be more than happy to provide said content for you. Ultimately it's up to you what you think my content is worth and how much of it you want to see.

The goals setting out with this Patreon are simple: to, eventually, make enough money to make it my job to host a large amount of content on my own website, absolutely free to everyone. That includes original fiction, blogs, cartography, random art, and more all paid for by patrons here. I will endeavor to keep my work free and open and, perhaps most importantly, free of paywalls or advertisements. Patrons thus serve a crucial role of allowing totally free and open creativity rather than having to seek out the corporate world for my talents to be honored.

Right now, my projects range from small-scale to large. On a month by month basis, you'll be seeing the maps I create either on my own or by commission, and the occasional bit of pixel art as well. Many of the coming maps will be more detailed and feature a greater amount of content than ones in the past as I grow and learn as a cartographer. Sometimes one map may take anywhere from weeks to just a few days as I get my technique down.

As far as the alternate history goes, I have some big projects coming down the pipeline that will be getting updates soon; long before non-patrons get to see them when they're released at once, so that is a bit of a bonus. It's going to be something big, I hope, and Patreon has been crucial in allowing me to pursue larger projects like this one, for which I am always grateful.

Supporting these projects may not seem like much, but by doing so you'll be helping entire worlds come to life. I believe the world can be a better place when everyone's creative vision is free and open rather than stuck behind corporate walls, and I fully believe that Patreon is a major tool in allowing that to happen.
$303 of $500 per month
With my funding at $500 per month, I can make all the work I do on Patreon available everywhere else and use this as a place for Patrons to get custom work or questions answered from me while my main body of work is free and open for everyone! No barriers or paywalls.
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