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Thank you to all our listeners and friends we've made since The Witching Hour started. As we always say on the show, we can't thank you enough for the time you spend with us! Your support means so much. We're determined to keep moving forward with our podcast, and if you'd like to help us along the way, please consider becoming a patron.

With support from your monthly donations, we can not only keep making content but we'll work towards creating more content. Quality content aimed to do what we've set out to do from the start, to inspire, motivate and help creative horror fans do what they love.

For more about the tiers and rewards, please listen to this post! About Tiers.


The Witching Hour is a bi-weekly podcast for the creative horror fan. Join hosts, Seid, RaeAnne, and occasional guests as they discuss all things horror related to inspire and motivate horror fans to explore their love for the genre. From movies, books, TV, to supernatural lore, history, discussions on creative topics, and how to create your own horror. New episodes every first Sunday of the month!

To thank patrons, we'll have exclusive audio extras, mini episodes, and more on our Patreon.
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This is will help cover monthly hosting costs and provide us a small budget for content. Most of all, our host and producer, Seid, will able to rest a little easier knowing costs to keep the podcast online are covered.
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