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I didnt realise the pics were so tiny ree this is what it reads:


A (photo of a) personalised hand written thank you letter and a cheap steam game

This is a one off reward

Super Fan Girls
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Organisation of things and/or creation of lists of your choice

This reward gives you the power of my full organising skills (o wow). You can have me organise things such as your steam games library in some way, such as by genre or multiplayer games (your username and password required if you want it done on your account), create a list of some sorts, create a list of games or movies you may enjoy, your organising and listing opportunities are endless what an amazing deal

Ultimate Fan Girls
per month

Never seen before photos of Kapleo + Personalised photos of Kapleo (within reason)

no lewd photos gummon keep it PG guys

(these pics will later be posted in the discord channel for Kapelo's pics)

This Tier will also give you a link to the discord if you are not already in it




per month


hi x3 rawr my name is witty im a fun quirky gamer gril from nz, i love star wars and CSGO haha i dont rly like spending time around other girls their 2 much drama tihihi, i prefer hanging around boys and drinking beers so just treat me like one of the bros :333 i made this patreon so i could support myself while i chase my lifelong dream of becoming an mlg csgo player plzzzzz donate and help me achieve my dreamz luv uuu <333333

Well if that didn't take your money I don't know what will! I guess my only other options are to brag about my skills and promise you VIP looks at these said skills, or two, tell you about my sad and rough past and grab those dollars with your pity. Or hey start doing twitch and grab em with my tits. Unfortunately I'm none too keen on any of those options. All I can say is hey I like monei, I don't have much monei, I would like more monei, you have monei. give?
Perhaps I can say that better.
Unfortunately in a world where happiness should be the main point to life, money often is. Sadly it has to be. Money really does equal happiness I believe, to a certain extent. It certainly helps. So every little dollar has meaning. Online friends we can't show our appreciation quite the way you can in real life. It's surprising the amount of gratitude and pleasant surprise $1 a month can make someone feel. I like to help you guys in the ways I can, with or without donations. I really don't expect anyone to do it, but hey why not try right. I appreciate you guys, friends, generous randoms. Even if you are just being generous in existing (bcus damn bby u is the gift), thank you. I'm almost getting too real here guys, time to go back to the memes xd 21 ma name jeff damn daniel kill me l0lz gib monei yes
p.s. for quality content, check out Kapleo's youtube linked to this Patreon

Steam Group:
$0 of $1 per month
look at me ma I made it

When I reach $1 per month I will post an announcement on the steam group and mention and thank whoever gave it
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