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It is just to support me. As I said, all posts with artworks are free. But If you like, what am I doing - you may support me with your money. Thank you!

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As previous tier, it is just to support me. But, in future, I want to wright posts about MTG lore. So, Supporters+ will get an access to these posts. I don't know English well, so I need a translator, who will help me. This requires money.

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Supporter++ also can recommend me cards, which I slould to post within my daily posts. I will include your name (or any other info) in the post, so everyone will know, who suggested this card. You may ask for 2 cards per month. Send me your requests on my E-mail: [email protected]




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About Wizard 1/1

Hello everyone!

My name is Stefan and I am a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering. But there always were something more than just a game...

Every card has its unique artwork, which can be even better than a card itself. Through all these years, Wizards of the Coast made more than 2000+ cards with different artworks with the help of truly legendary artists (like Ryan Barger, Volkan Baga, Raymond Swanland and others). 

So I do daily posts, which contains cards of MTG, that have masterpiece artworks. Posts are 100% free, but there are some options to support me.

Stay with me and have a nice time!
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To hire a translator, that will help me to write posts about MTG lore.
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