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Welcome, Welcome!

A Little Backstory On Me:

I grew up in a very fortunate family with very fortunate opportunities, but within the past couple years (its been around 2 years since) my mother got injured and she started having financial issues to the point where we had to sell our house, etc. (Thankfully she's healed up now and doing better than ever!)
This was a humbling experience for me which lead to a path I could have never seen me going down. I started to question why my mom went through all these problems while she was in and out of the hospital for a year and really why there were so many problems in this world.
I started to do research for two hours a day about everything and anything, you could say I fell down the rabbit hole which has really changed me as a person.

My Mission / Our Mission :D

I've been a vegan ever since I do yoga and meditation everyday and now I'm working on video scripts/ideas to spread the knowledge I've learned and how as a species we can overcome our challenges to live in a more peaceful world.
Even with all the knowledge I know now of corruption and destruction in the world I've managed to see that enjoying life and being the best version of oneself is the best thing we can do to make an impact on a physical and subtle level. So with that being said lets party it up!


My gratitude for anyone who has been so courteous to support me on this rollercoaster of a journey is immense beyond physical level! Really this means so much to me because it shows me that times are changing and every single supporter sees a bright future as do I. The support not only allows me to continue to work on a dream bigger than myself but it's pushing us to greater heights consciously and technologically. For all who are bathing in life's miracles can I get a HELLOOOO THERE (shoutout infinite waters haha)
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As of right now I'm making barely any profit on my merchandise, but in order to create my own website and be able to pay a printing company I need more support. This would help out immensely with being able to create better designs and actually make money off of them. 

Once this goal is reached I will send a special gift to every one of the OG patrons! :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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