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Projects are almost entirely fueled by blood, sweat, tears and caffeine. I primarily work either in my bedroom or coffee shops. Those in this Tier will get a picture from me via Snapchat, Instagram everytime I am working in a coffee shop with a thank you! My Snapchat and Insta is Wizirdi, so make sure you add me and message me to let me know who you are! :)


  • A thank you picture every time I buy coffee!
  • Your name in the credits of all my projects
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Those in this tier are helping me buy odds and ends for my projects. I often buy sounds, sprites and code to test. This also helps support other creators! 


  • A thank you picture every time I get coffee while working on a project!
  • Your name in the credits of all my projects.
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Thank you to all who support me by following, sharing and backing my projects financially. Seriously, you guys rock. As a thank you, I will give you access to everything I post on GameMaker Marketplace for FREE! 



  • A thank you picture every time I buy coffee!  
  • Your name in the credits of all my projects. 
  • Free access to anything I post on the Marketplace. 




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Hello! Thanks for taking time to visit my Patreon! I am an Indie Game Developer and YouTuber. I post regular updates on my projects on Twitter, and am currently working on an HTML5 Browser MMORPG. Any support on Patreon will go towards funding that project.

I have been interested in making games since I was a little boy. When I was about 8, I would make board games out of card board boxes and arts and craft supplies.

When I was about 13 or 14, my dad left me and my mom for drugs and alcohol. Me and my mother moved from Texas to Ohio and lived in a motor home. My mom had no real way of supporting us, but she did the best she could. I got my hands on a 256mb flash drive, and would ride my bike to the library where I got on the internet, filled my flash drive with tutorials, and would study game design and coding.

That was 15 years ago, and making computer games has been one of my most favorite hobbies! I love making things for people to enjoy.
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I'll post weekly dev blogs on YouTube
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