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per Term (2 terms per month)
  • The full size (3000px width, in jpg format) of my indie comic  GhostBlade.
  • Live wallpaper set /4k images set which I created in the current month. (4k resolution means >  3840 x 2160 pixels)


Black Knight
per Term (2 terms per month)


  • The full size comic  GhostBlade. 
  •  Live wallpaper set / 4k images which I created in the current month. 
  • All the 8k images which I created in the current month.  (8k resolution means >  8000 x 5000 pixels, it's the original size of my paintings, 4 times larger than 4k, suitable for large display, or customized prints)
per Term (2 terms per month)
  • The full size comic  GhostBlade. 
  • Live wallpaper set / 4k&8k images which I created in the current month. 
  • The brush set I used in each work. (used in Photoshop)
  • Original PSD files of all the images in current month. (In the PSD file I'll save the working process in separated layers, and you can clearly see how I manage the sketch layer, colour layer, effect layer and so on.)



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Step 3: Claim previous reward (only Asura tier)
Asura Tier supporters can reply to the reward message telling me the old piece you want (one piece per month for free).    Previous work

There will be 2 reward packages(each contain 1-2 artworks) in a month. Both the two packages will send to you at the beginning of next month, and you will also be charged at that time.
Please DO NOT set the "Monthly limit" option, Please set "support 2 times per month", or "support every creation" in the support setting (or you won't receive the second package of each month).

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10美金以上的赞助者可以免费获得过往作品作为额外奖励(包含壁纸,PSD和视频,每月限一张)。你在收到奖励私信后便可以 回复该私信告诉我你要哪张
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3000 – reached! patrons
If I can go this far, with the support, I think I'll be able to launch some more challenging project, maybe a video game, or an anime series. Will that be exciting?
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