Wanda Lotus

is creating street photography as fine art.
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About Wanda Lotus

Wanda Lotus is a fine art photographer who is fascinated with the beauty of non-celebrity life and passionate about sharing that beauty with the world. Poring over her parents’ National Geographic magazines as a young child sparked her interest in street photography. She grew up owning simple film cameras and enjoyed taking snapshots of her life and loved ones. In 2006 she bought her first SLR, then added a DSLR to her arsenal in 2007 and began teaching herself the techniques necessary to make the kind of photos she had always admired.

Wanda’s own desire to be seen and celebrated for who she is compels her to do that for others with her photography. She eschews celebrity culture, preferring to see the beauty in ordinary people, reachable people. Most of her photos are candid, with the subject unaware they are being photographed.

Artist's Statement
I do street photography using digital and 35mm cameras. My subjects are people who live outside of the exclusivity, spotlights, and carefully curated presentation of celebrity culture. I carry a camera as I travel to and from appointments, errands, and social events in the five boroughs of New York City. On public transportation and on the street I usually shoot from the waist. This helps me avoid drawing attention to myself so the scenes can be as natural as possible. My DSLR or 35mm SLR are my first choice, because those give me the most control over the technical aspects of the shot. But if my phone is in my hand or I feel particularly self-conscious I will use my phone’s camera to make sure I don’t miss whatever scene has caught my eye.

American celebrity culture makes me feel unseen. I counter that by paying close attention to the world and people around me.

Online Portfolio: lotuslandfineart.com
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