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is creating Cosplay videos and How to make cosplay costumes ,cosplay photos
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About Wolf cosplaypro

Hi there! We're Wolf cosplaypro

If you're into cosplay or prop making, chances are you've already seen some of our tutorials or videos and used some of our techniques.

We created this Patreon because we also love to film video tutorials and upload costume building videos to our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPdMGU0usy8YiJbM... !
My Goal is to do my passion as a Full-Time job. I enjoy making cosplay costumes and makeup tutorials for people .
so I would love to have more flexibility to work on my Youtube.
I'll be able to work on bigger projects on Youtube and grow in my business!

And this will help me reach my goal of releasing my cosplay photos!

Short answer: More Art, cosplay photoshoots, meet-ups with you guys, and more Youtube videos!
Thank you for your support!

Is the content on Patreon exclusive? YES! The content posted here on Patreon is exclusive and the very little content that isn't, is shown here first, before it's released on public platforms; Patreon gets priority! All physical rewards in the monthly packages (Prints, polaroids, artwork) are exclusive to Patreon and won't be available for purchase online, in store, at a con, etc.

I signed up at the end of the month, will I still receive a package for said month? YES! You will receive a package for whatever month you signed up during (And every month you continue to pledge after that). It doesn't matter if you sign up on the 1st or the 31st of a month, you will receive that month's package.

The tier I want to be in is full, what do I do? Unfortunately if the tier you're trying to sign up for is full, there is no way to get in at that particular time, however, new slots open up often so check back frequently if you're after a coveted top tier slot!

When will my reward package be shipped out? Packages are shipped out the following month of the content's release. Example: September's reward will be shipped out in October. October's reward will be shipped out November, etc.

I didn't get my tracking number for my Patreon Package! What happened?? PLEASE MAKE SURE your email is the email you use frequently as it the email we will be sending your tracking number to. If you didn't receive and email please check your spam folder!

I just signed up to Patreon, can I get rewards from all previous months? At this time, you can only receive rewards for the months that you were pledging.

Can you sign my prints to a different name? Currently the only way to have prints signed to a specific name is to have your profile name on Patreon match. Names are taken from the system for Jess to sign prints and polaroids, so the name on the profile ends up being the name she makes the rewards out to.
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I've got something big planned but I want to keep it a secret, when we reach 500 patrons I will reveal my drawings and what the cosplay is going to be to PATRONS ONLY. (All Tiers)

When we reach 550 patrons, my next goal, I WILL START THE PROJECT TO BRING THAT COSPLAY TO LIFE
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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