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About Wolf's Den Forge

Well, hello there! I'm Doug Wolf, Blacksmith-Armorer/Artist and owner of Wolf's Den Forge. 

Since I was a child I was fascinated by knives, swords, and axes, iron, steel, and silver. While other kids my age would doodle race cars and fire trucks in school I designed weapons. I started collecting at 10, and I made my first blade at 12 out of a scrap piece of sheet metal. It was a crude thing, but I've come a long way since then. I began my journey into metal smithing at 12 years old doing under the table jobs and I started my first above the board job at 13 in an engineering shop, then my first position as a professional metal artist at 19 in Hollywood.

Since then I've worked in just about every facet of the metal arts. When it comes to things made of steel, if you can think of it then I've probably made it at some point.

These days, I do things a bit differently, a bit more... oldschool.

I live my life in the same manner as the medieval journeymen of old. I travel full-time for a living never staying in any one place for too long, I carry all of my tools and equipment with me, I learn under every smith I can spend time with, but more importantly I teach as often as I get the opportunity. Mine is a journey of learning, teaching, and creating.

My mission is to re-capture the ancient magic of the smith's trade to produce superior quality armor, weapons, tools and works of art and offer them to you. Each day when I light my forge I gather leaves, pine cones, and twigs, to start the coal fire so that a little bit of the forest is in every piece produced.

Join me on my journey and help me on my path so you can put a little of yourself into my creations. Who knows, our paths may even cross as I travel the land in search of knowledge and inspiration.

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If you like my work and would like to see more interesting pieces, this goal will help keep me in steel, fuel, and most importantly, food, to create my work.
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