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About WomanUp

There's some new energy and a fresh empowering vibe coming together to create an online community experience that we will build and grow together

WomanUp is a movement to educate and empower women to step into and own their personal visions of success, financial security, sexual desires, body confidence, and health and well-being.

In addition to connecting through workshops, retreats, and meet-ups we have an engaged online WomanUp community forum where women can cultivate a community experience that is specific to their needs + goals.

Having an authentic connection with a community, whether online or in the Real World, is an essential asset to have when you are evolving into the most empowered version of yourself.

The foundation of the WomanUp forum is to provide a mastermind environment with a social club vibe.

Social media platforms, like Facebook, limit authentic connections because of the tremendous amount of ‘noise’ that fills many of those communities. Often times there are posts after posts that must be sifted through before one can find a conversation that aligns with their needs + goals.

How many times have you taken a ‘Facebook break’ because you can no longer take the mental drain and toxic interactions? How many hours have you wasted engaging in conversations that lead to nowhere and leave you feeling depleted, attacked, and insecure?

I have had a Facebook community with over 9,000 women for five years and I know firsthand how soul-crushing it can be to seek out validation and support without judgment only to have someone with a completely different agenda make you feel like shit and question your own worth. I also know how incredibly valuable an online community is for those who may be lacking one elsewhere and I want to provide that space in a safe, purposeful, and supportive environment.

By belonging to the WomanUp forum you are joining a community of like-minded women who find value in personal-growth, self-development, and meaningful conversations.

Your time is priceless and limited and should not be spent engaging in conversations online with people who are not looking for the same life experiences as you are. The hours spent zoning-out on content that does not inspire or motivate you to live your one precious life to the fullest are hours you will never get back. Your online engagement with a community should be intentional and fulfilling, and lead you to accomplishing your Big Dream Goals!

We welcome you to join the WomanUp community forum and we are so excited to meet you and watch you transition into the woman you have always known you were meant to be!

The WomanUp community forum will be hosted on Discourse and you will automatically be added to the community and have immediate access with your membership. I do suggest that you download the Discourse app. I know it's 'one more thing to check', but hopefully you find tremendous value in our community and it's a feeling of excitement rather than ugh when you visit.

The WomanUp community has specific categories on topics such as motherhood, finances + budgeting, home buying + credit repair, relationships + dating + divorce, mental health + depression, sex #duh, and even a specific discussion dedicated to venting + bitching! I also created a general discussion called the Speakeasy Lounge where you can just come and hang out.

As the community evolves so will the discussions. (And a podcast!) We are building this space together and creating as we grow and learn!

Over the next few weeks I'll be updating this page and adding content and some new resources to checkout and I welcome any feedback or suggestions that you have during that time.

You can email me at [email protected] or
PM me on Facebook @ Stacey Sarenity

Also, check out the website for information on WomanUp workshops and retreats! 

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My goal is to grow the WomanUp Movement with meetups, workshops, and retreats. 

Having funds available to cover the admin and hosting costs of creating and putting on WomanUp events will greatly increase the number of events I can host, as well as the ability to create events in other cities and states, reaching more women and making more connections!

It will also keep any potential fees to attend these events more affordable.
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