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is creating Womb Beeing: star guidance, mail art, & community for artists
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Receive your love language through the art of the written word. Each installation of "Ambrosial Whispers" will be delivered in a wax sealed envelope and contain:

  • A newsletter from yours truly,
  • Pieces of my personal journey ranging in theme from womb/ancestral/relationship healing, honeybee symbology, and adventure-seeking embodiment practices,
  • Any surprise ephemera I feel like adding to your care package,
  • A monthly Luna Letter reflection.

**These letters are designed to inch their way into the crevices of your journey that cannot be touched by ACTIVE, ENGAGED modalities of trauma-healing. See more detailed information at



About Desiree Rose

WOMB: the life-force center of all individuals (regardless of assigned gender) that contains infinite possibilities for creation, connection, and healing.
BEEING: the act of communing with the present in such a way that invokes collective movement, similar to the murmuration of a swarm of honeybees.

Which, by definition means that you are as much a Womb Beeing as am I! 

Yo, Des here. If you know me, I'm sure you're well aware that I'm a writer, astrology nerd, honeybee tender, and paper artist currently residing in the Appalachia Mountains of North Carolina. I'm also stoked about climbing, highlining, dancing, and other forms of embodied, artistic you'll likely see pieces of that woven into this platform as well. I run a business where I hold space for folks to express and create through the power of the written + spoken word. I believe that our stories have the power to heal the world. By becoming a Patreon member, you will have access to a community of creatives passionate about healing through storytelling, astrology, embodied movement, and artistic expression. If you wanna find out more about what I do, click HERE.
SO....if you're at all curious about the power of the womb, the stars, honeybees, embodiment, and the written word in healing, please join the community!!!
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When this goal is reached, I'll be able to give away one astrology reading and one astrology birth report per month.
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