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About Women's Meditation Network

Hey, I’m Katie Krimitsos and I’m so happy to welcome you to the Women's Meditation NetworkThe intention of this podcast and the entire network is to give you easy access to guided meditations that are specifically created with the woman's special journey in mind. 

I love women. I think we each have such a unique and connected journey in this world…so full of love, so complex…so holistic. I’ve had the pleasure of working with women for a long time and being surrounded by some of the most extraordinary ladies during my life and every year that passes, my respect and love for us deepens.

While we’re all special and different human beings, there is a commonality to our experience that I hope to support here through these meditations.

Each week, a new guided meditation is release and is somewhere between 7-30 minutes long. It's  intended to help you relax, let go, be present, find gratitude and ultimately, and help you connect to the most brilliant, vibrant parts of your soul that so often feel dimmed. My hope is that this becomes a home for you to pick and choose the meditations that you need to hear in a particular moment, situation or feeling, over and over again.

I’ve used the tool of meditation since I was 18 years old. First, as it was introduced to me during the last few minutes of yoga classes. Then at multiple Buddhist centers during regular meditation classes. Later in intimate group meditations. And eventually through miraculous technologies like podcasts and apps that provided guided meditations I could use during the darkest and lightest seasons of my life.

I’m just like you.

I’m a woman who is deeply interested in continually evolving herself, in becoming more mindful, trying to live the most vibrant life I can possibly live. I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I’ve been a podcaster since 2014 and have had the privilege of supporting women in business under my Biz Women Rock banner. I’m an athlete, a vegan, an adventurer, a recovering perfectionist and gladiator. I doubt myself, have struggled with loving my body, have felt the pangs of comparing myself to others, let fear keep me from doing things I really wanted to do and have carried way too many things on my shoulders. I am perfectly imperfect and always searching to understand myself better.

Meditation has been one of the most powerful practices I’ve developed over the years to help me do this; it’s a gift I want to share with you.

Whether you’re new to meditation or you’ve been practicing for decades, I’m so grateful you’re here and accessing the shows you need during all those seasons of your life.

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When I reach $1,000 per month, I will host a private online event (Zoom call or Facebook Live) just for patrons, where I will be able to express my deepest gratitude and each of you will be able to share a little bit about how meditation has impacted your life.  I will also give a live guided meditation just for my amazing patrons. :) 
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