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Tier 1: Let's talk freely!
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As a WTF Patron at Tier 1, you get access to the show's private text chat channel in Discord. Let me and the other patrons know your thoughts on various shows and tell us what's on YOUR mind. 

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Tier 2: A little backstage action
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In addition to the private Discord chat channel, as a Tier 2 Patron, you get access to each interview in its unedited form. It's the whole magilla, usually an hour or so, with all the side chat and backstage action. Also, you'll get to hear all the other things we talked about, not just the 20ish minutes worth that ended up in the published podcast.

You'll get links to two new interview audio files each month. 

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Tier 3: The Top of Mind Video
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In addition to the Discord chat channel and unedited audio of the conversations, get access to a private Youtube video, recorded IMMEDIATELY after one of my guest conversation sessions. At least once a month you'll get 5 to 10 minutes of the observations and thoughts rolling around in my head after each guest chat. It may be thought-provoking; it's sure to be entertaining!

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About Trish Lambert

Women Talking Freely is exactly that. Women of all ages, geographies, colors and lifestyles join host Trish Lambert (one at a time) to share what's on their minds. Could be something big, could be something small. No scripts, no preplanning, no pitching. Just two women talking freely to each other about life's topics. Oh...and a shorter segment called "Outta My Mind," where Trish shares a little something from her own mind.

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