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per 4 pages (or more) of story per month

About Shawn Richison

Legend of the Sunset People

That's the title of my latest passion - the untold epic of the people who first encountered the icy winters and unrelenting summers of the ancient boreal forests on the Canadian Shield. During a grueling trek, driven relentlessly by their enemies and fending off dangers both mundane and unearthly, the tribe experiences loss and love, sacrifice and joy.  The myths and legends of the Anishinaabe... based on a true story.

What exactly are we doing here?

Making comics, that's what.

A 180 page original graphic novel isn't a project which is undertaken lightly, nor is it easy to complete. That's where you come in.  Having been inspired by the history of the Northern Ontario town that I lived in for the better part of a decade, I researched, plotted, wrote and began drawing the saga of a people who will never surrender to their enemies, nor to the harsh and demanding environment into which they find themselves running.  This story is not only important to me, personally, but provides content to the under-served demographic of native teens and young adults who rarely see themselves portrayed in any media, much less comics.  In addition, it provides insight into some of the best myths and legends I was able to find from local elders, library and museum research and the internet - but most of all, it's a fun and thrilling adventure tale, set against the pre-historic Canadian wilderness; a romp filled with tall tales, larger than life heroes and villains, dramatic action set pieces and supernatural and fantasy elements seemingly designed to spur the imagination!  If you become a patron or not, the book is well underway to completion - but that deadline can be shorter if you decide to help out.  Every time I present a new page of story I'll earn a little extra income, and if that income grows large enough, it'll allow me to take off time from my other commitments.

How does it work?

Pretty simple, really. When I hit 4 (or more) fully illustrated, coloured and lettered story pages posted in a calendar month, I'll invoice you through Patreon. If I don't, well, too bad for me, and I'm sorry for you that I didn't get you that new content you were hoping for: but here's the thing - you still get to look at all the archives and see the extra content AT NO CHARGE TO YOU! 

So, for example, if I only do three pages?  You get those for free!  On the1st of the next month, the calendar rolls over, and we start again - I have to commit to getting you 4 pages posted, or there's no charge, for that month also.

Why would you do it like that?  Are you some kind of masochistic psycho?

Yes and no? There are certainly drawbacks to doing this way, but I thought it was the most fair way to offer this to my patrons.  Also, I hope this method will help motivate me, even when other work has me worn out, to make sure that I can get some content out, and continue to make progress on this story.  Let's see if it works!

So is that it?

Not at all! There are, in fact, even more incentives for you to contribute.  As a patron, you'll be awarded with giveaways, free art prints and original art, behind the scenes looks at the development of the work, and a direct line to the art and the artist.  If we're successful in our partnership, you'll also be among the first to own a printed copy of the finished graphic novel. As well, I hope to provide a chance for contributors to enter contests to win original art or other great prizes.  If we all work together on this the sky is the limit.

Of course, the fun doesn't stop there.  I'm a creative person, and as such I'm constantly coming up with new ideas.  I have several of these, which I will bring to the Patreon site and you'll be able to provide feedback into the development of these new and hopefully exciting story ideas!  Along the way, we'll have more and more special content for those who subscribe.

So, what's the deal then?  Well, the fact is, you don't have to contribute anything... I'll still be here, doing the work, still cooking up the stories and making the (presumably) pretty pictures.  As I mentioned before, any income generated from the site only helps me produce it faster - and the more donations we get the more content I can provide to those who have helped out!  So, really, it's a win/win situation... and the BEST part is: you get to decide when and how much (including monthly limits) you feel comfortable helping out with!  Of course, if you don't find it interesting anymore, you can also cancel at any time.  And if I don't produce, you don't contribute anything - that's your guarantee.

So thanks for taking the time to read this far and see what it's all about.  I hope you like what I have and will continue to create, and if you decide to join me on this experiment, I appreciate it so much, it's beyond words! 

So, if you're ready...? It's time to enter the Wonderealm.
$11 of $100 per 4 pages (or more) of story per month
This amount consistently allows me to replenish supplies - paper, pens, pencils, ink, etc. of a higher quality, which will help improve the finished product.
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