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About Wonknotes

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Wonknotes offers an alternative for news buffs dissatisfied with how political issues are covered today. It’s made for those who believe public policy is more important to peoples’ daily lives than personal scandal. For those who’ll take messy facts over simplistic narratives any day of the week. Who want to be challenged by the competing priorities and ideals that our society struggles with.

It seeks to revive the civility and common courtesy we ought to show to those we disagree with. To rediscover the common ground we seem to have lost sight of. To remind ourselves of what we have to gain from engaging with perspectives that differ from our own.

Wonknotes offers political coverage for the fact checkers, the bubble bursters, and the bridge builders.

The author
Darius Pruss creates and edits the content on Wonknotes. He hails from the great state of Nebraska but has made British Columbia his home. He works as a policy research consultant in the field of Indigenous Health. His professional background centers on evidence-based policy, integrated knowledge translation, and science communication.
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