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About James Wright

Who is this crazy Hand tool guy?
Hi, I'm James. I love to build things. I am a husband, father, maker, woodworker, pilot, and friend to many. I love to create things  for the joy of the process and not just the end goal, but even more then that I love helping others learn to do the same!

So, why do I need your support?
It is my goal to pump out as much info and content, ideas, and support as possible. The average video takes around 14 hours or more and I try to put out 2-3 a week. That takes supplies, training, and most or all equipment (video, audio, tools)

As a patron, your support would help me dedicate more money to supplies and new tools, as well as audio/video equipment. This helps me keep making better videos, of better projects for you to enjoy and learn from.

Most all of my projects are documented on YouTube, and I am wanting to soon be giving out free plans and step by step guides when I can devote more time to that. It is my goal to never sell anything but provide training and content free to everyone. You can be a huge part of what it takes to make that happen.

Thanks so much for checking out my page, and any type of support that you give. I hope you enjoy my projects and are inspired to try new things and ideas!

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