Roger Dale Scott - "Woodpops"

is creating How to Videos on making Artistic & Functional items on the lathe
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About Roger Dale Scott - "Woodpops"

My passion is creating artistic and functional treasures on the wood lathe. I have been practicing almost every day for over 10 years. I have invested more than 10,000 hours of my time into becoming the absolute best I can be. I also love to teach woodturning. I plan to combine my two passions by producing instructional, fun videos for the general public. I am ready to share my knowledge via You Tube. You can help me. 

I believe in sustainable wood harvesting, obtaining my wood from trees downed by storms or pruning. I advocate the use of non-petroleum based oil so my favorite finish is all natural dewaxed shellac. Each of my creations begins on the lathe. I embellish them with piercing, mineral inlay, metal leaf, various dyes, textures, pyrography or air brushing. My objective is to accentuate the beauty of the wood with the other earth elements. I am excited to start this next chapter in my life journey. Come with me.
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