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Access to my patreon blog where you can see all the comic pages still in progress, from storyboarding to paneling to the finished page.  This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own comics.  It's also a great way to participate in my creative process, and give me feedback on the comics and prints I make, while I'm making them! I plan to draw at least 1 page per week, and at most 2 pages per week.
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Access to the patreon blog.  I will also mail you an ultra-slick artsy fartsy copy of EVERY ZINE that I make, with cover art and extra drawings not available online.  Your friends will marvel at the handmade books on your shelf, and caustic rainbows will pour from their nose and eyes...  At a rate of 1-2 pages per week and approx. 24 pages per zine, you'll receive a new zine every 3-6 months.  

NOTE: Even though this reward tier says $5 per page ($20-40 per month), you should be able to limit your contribution to $5 per month, and I'll still mail you zines!




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About WOOF

I make comics about:
+ science fiction comics about social, psychic, spiritual, biological, and ecological evolution
+ autobio comics about my weird adventures at the margins of respectable society
+ comics about how regular folks are re-wilding themselves
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Y'all have warmed my heart! +5 to morale, +10 to gritty can-do attitude!  Woof is now waterproof, fireproof, and bulletproof!  I will send all my backers a "Lucky Hitchhiker" lino-cut print.
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