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About Wordier Than Thou

Based in the Tampa Bay area, Wordier Than Thou produces engaging literary arts events throughout the region and, occasionally, other parts of Florida. Wordier’s goal is to create fun experiences for readers and arts enthusiasts. At the same time, our events inspire local writers, providing them opportunities to share their work, sell their books, and connect with readers in their own communities.

Past events have included literary pub crawls; storytelling and prose-only open mics; publishing conferences and writing workshops; Nerdier Than Thou, a literary con; Read No More, a literary haunted house; our Critical Drinking book group; a Banned Books Burlesque Show; Broad Comedy, a celebration of funny women writers; Teenage Wasteland, established authors reading from their high school diaries, letters and poetry; Camp Wordier Than Thou, a summer writing camp for adults; adult spelling bees; literary salons and more.

Funds raised through Patreon will help Wordier Than Thou with costs associated with these events as well as other projects.

Next year, Wordier will launch the Florida Writers Project, a publishing house dedicated to Florida authors. Wordier will publish the debut novel of Heather Jones, an instructor at the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg, in early 2020. There are also several themed anthologies in the works.

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