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I always wanted a platform to share my decent writing skills and write to the people, for the people. I feel that the creativity inside me is just bottled up, waiting to be released and this will be my first step in this long journey. So if you're still willing to support an idiot like me then, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you.
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You are now part of the ever-growing Dragon Clan. Although you're just starting out, it's great to have you on board! Joining the Wyrmling Tier will grant you:

• Access to semi-monthly story updates 

• Access to polls

Lindwurm Tier
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You've grown again! You have now been promoted from the Salamander Tier! The Dragon Clan is growing stronger day by day from your support. You've also unlocked more benefits than before:

• All the benefits from the previous tiers.

• Access to monthly Worldbuilding updates.

• Access to character and race profiles for both Worldbuilding and Story content.

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Oho! You have become quite the impressive Dragon I must say. You've done much for the growth of the Dragon clan so I'll send some more benefits down your way:

• All the benefits from the previous tiers.

• A cute short story written just for you, whose details about characters and settings you can send directly to me after one month of patronage .

• Priority to suggestions on related posts.

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You always gotta start somewhere right? My goal is to build this community bit by bit and with each goal that we reach, I'll write a witty limerick/short story in order to celebrate it!
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