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About Word Sprout

Hello! My name is Allison Broeren and I'm the Live Literature junkie that runs Word Sprout. What is Live Literature? Well, just like it sounds, it's stories, poems, rants, slams, edutainment lectures all performed in front of live audiences! It's part writing, and part performance, and anything can happen! 

Word Sprout produces about 8 monthly shows in Minneapolis. Poetry SlamMN! is one of the most competitively successful poetry slams in the country. We have placed in the Top 10 3 of the last 4 year years at the national competition. Story SlamMN! is a competitive night of Moth-like storytelling and is the longest running story slam in Minnesota. We have other amazing shows like OUTspoken! Queer Open Mic, The New Sh!t Show (all world premiers, all the time) and the Encyclopedia Show (A monthly nerd-core vaudevillian variety show on a topic). 

patreon is like a Kickstarter,but it’s not based on one big project. You will make a pledge to support us each month for the work we are creating. You pick your level, your reward, and you can stop at any time. We hope that this will let us do smaller fundraisers each year instead of basing our entire season off of one fundraiser. This will also allow us to know where we are at as we are growing more events to entertain you! Here are some FAQ's about patreon too.

You will collect your rewards like tickets, sponsorships, merch, shows and access to our members only page here for some top of the line cool stuff. 

Word Sprout has provided opportunities for hundreds of performers (see some examples of me and them in the activities page here) to get on stages in the Twin Cities and it is a shame that a lot of the performances are lost as soon as they start. I'd like to use my patreon page to keep up and keep growing the production side of my business, but also to support having the ability (and compensated time) to provide high quality videos and start a local television show! Our next steps involve that, adding two more festivals and bringing poetry into the high schools in the Twin Cities. I dream of doing this full time someday, and have ideas oozing out of my head that I'd like to have time to implement-so your help here can make it happen!

If you would like your patronage earmarked for strictly prize money, or other things, feel free to let us know and we will do that!

The goals are to the left, and the rewards are down below. You mean the world to me for thinking about supporting us!
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To get to the next level I need to maintain and add on some new software and subscriptions to services (Sound Cloud, Adobe, Web Hosting/Site maintenance, things like that.) We will be able to release the best video we see each month.
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