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This is where we tell you how awesome we are and why you should support our podcast.
We're different than other groups, we wont say stuff like
"Listening to us will make you handsome and suave"
"Backing us will ensure your shirt will always match your shoes"
and of course we would never claim that
"Supporting us would ensure people in the street will never again approach you for money to save endangered mongeese!"

But what we will say, is go check us out and see what we do.

"I'm impressed" I hear you exclaim
"But, why do you need MY money? I need my spare dollars for buying sweet sweet candy and throwing at people who annoy me!"

Well, those are good uses for money, but we'd like to ease the mounting costs caused by (and not limit to):
Hosting, cables, domain name, recording equipment, cables, video equipment, more cables, transport costs, beer for guests, even more damn cables, and Ash's weekly beard perm fees.

Still not sure? Go listen to the latest podcast and find out. Go on, we'll wait.....

Done? Impressed, aren't you? We knew you would be. Don't you now just feel like part of the Beta Family? 
Embrace this newfound sense of belonging by popping by and saying hi, or if you can by sending us a couple of bucks. Or even splash out on a T-shirt! We promise, it will always match your shoes.

-Work In Beta

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