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About Worldie

We are the first Nonprofit Social Media Network connecting people worldwide with videos, photos, profiles, channels, pages, groups, events, posts, customization, and more all-in-one.
Creating positive social impact with technology.

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Worldie is better

We created Worldie to challenge the policies of current social media platforms.

For years, we saw bias, removal of content, and unethical practices. We saw fewer features and less personality.

We’re here to give you a platform with lassiez-faire policies, yet against harassment. Be different! It’s your creative canvas.

We want you to have fun, know what is happening in the world, and to have a voice.

Here's How:

  • Respect differences in political views.
  • Respect people's freedom of expression and rights.
  • Support positive charity, movements, and activism.
  • Be against bullying and harassment.
  • The view that every individual is equal and matters.
  • Give many opportunities for creativity, customization, and to be different.
  • Have ethical leaders who want to help society.
  • Know that people want to have a voice.
  • Respect individuals and their privacy.
  • Watch platform culture closely.

Worldie doesn't ever stop changing - it's an evolution.

Social media platforms now have the responsibility to be benevolent.

Worldie leads the way.

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