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About The World of Kir

Hello friends and future readers!

Thanks so much for visiting my Patreon page. My name is Beto O’Byrne and I am a writer and storyteller of a wide variety of creative projects. If you are familiar with me as an artist, you probably know me as a playwright and the co-founder of Radical Evolution Producing Collective, a company that I am so proud to have created. What you are now going to discover (and is probably no surprise if you know me personally) is that I also have a creative passion for fantasy fiction. It was the genre that initially sparked my desire to be a writer and one that has fueled me throughout my near twenty years as a storyteller.

For most of my career, I subdued my desire for telling fantasy stories. Largely because I grew weary of seeing the same kind of stories, told in the same kinds of ways, from the same cultural perspectives. They all seem to be some kind of variation of classic tropes of a genre that relies heavily on Western European cultures, values, myths, and traditions. Agree with me or not, you can’t deny the influence and as an artist who comes from a multi-ethnic family, I always long for variety, multiplicity, and new ways to celebrate a diversity of cultures and inspirations in honest, intentional ways.

But the seeds for ideas were always there, a small index folder in my dropbox slowly filled with ideas, and in 2018, I had a revelation as to how I could create a world and platform for these stories. Since that time, I have been developing and world-building a project deeply rooted in the genre of High Fantasy that prioritizes non-Western folklore and cultural inspirations. It’s been an amazing year of exploration. To be honest, I never expected it to be little more than a fun divergence with what little creative free time I have in the early mornings. But my love for the idea, the process, and its potential have blossomed into a deep, rich, epic setting that I am so excited to share. Welcome to the World of Kir.

(draft image map of the world of Kir. Created by Beto O'Byrne.)
What is The World of Kir?
Kir is a diverse world with many cultures and peoples living in it. It has empires that feud over lands and resources, and folktales and mythologies that seek to divine the soul for the truth of existence. And what fantasy setting, of course, there is magic, monsters, epic battles, love stories, and more.

As a creator and storyteller, I am interested in a variety of platforms to bring to life the many different stories and histories that are found in Kir. This leans on my history as a multi-platform artist, who has told stories through fiction, music, art, theatre, film, and more. I am really thrilled to think about what it means that the stories will be built and created with thinking around what method will best tell them, and here is a just a brief sampling of some of the projects in development and what you can expect to see by joining this patreon:

Projects in the Works
This work will start with a series of Flash Fiction pieces, small pieces of narrative from 500-1000 words that will give you brief hints, whispers, and details that will overview the many different cultures and stories being planned for the World of Kir. These will be published on the World of Kir website, and patreon members will get exclusive access to members-only content that will further provide world-building information and behind the scenes access to material being built. The first of these patreon exclusive posts "On the Arcane Sciences" is available as a free sample. Check it out here!

Next, we will have a novel, In Search of Gods Great and Small (working title). Told as a travel journal in first-person account, the novel is about aspiring Bookmaster Rhom Alagathi who has finally gotten the chance to prove himself. To do so, will travel to the secretive island nation of Eria to uncover the secret history and mythology of the pantheon they call the Nomeraigh, or the dwarf gods. But what he doesn't know about just how brutal and violent the kingdom and its people will challenge the depths of his morality and the lives of all who travel with him. Patreon members will get exclusive access to it as it is being created and get to read chapters as they are being finished.

I have also written the first draft of a screenplay, which will only be available to Patreon members. With the working title, The Wandering Star, the film is about Omiryn, a mysterious stranger with an unknown past, who must escort Ninye, a chieftain’s daughter, to safety through a perilous wilderness. Little do they know of the larger forces at play in their part of the world and what they will need to do to survive. Set in the snow-covered lands of regions of northern Rish’ea, “The Wandering Star” is an adventure-action film sure to be a visual treat.

Another of the bigger projects that is already underway is a performance piece told as oral storytellingThe Four Trials Of Mitl The Archer is an ancient tale is from the days of the first conquering of the Hanaqi kingdom of Qara by Erian slavers, when a hero emerged from the ashes to inspire a rebellion. The story of Mitl, a young boy from a small village who journeys to meet the ancient god-spirits of the Hanaqi people, has been told around the sacred fire ever since. Part oral story-telling, part food ceremony, the retelling of Mitl’s rise to consciousness is a live event told by master storytellers in the Hanaqi tradition.

In addition, there numerous other writing projects in the works, including short stories and novellas, and Patreons will also get either first glimpses of these or exclusive access to them. Other, more collaborative projects will be created when we have more resources to build them, such as a live theatrical performance and a podcast, and Patreons will get updates on their development. In addition, you will have access to much fo the world-building material I have been creating, such as entries into a large compendium about Kir that includes information on various historical events, important groups in the world, illustrations, and more. Patreons will also get to join me for a monthly chat on Kir’s discord channel where I’ll answer questions about the project, ask you questions, and more benefits and rewards will be added as we go. I want you to enjoy Kir as much as I do, so I will be very open to what makes you excited to interact with it!

As you can tell, the size and scope of this project are huge. I’m not going to lie, it's intimidating to think about whether or not I can pull this off. If enough support can be garnered, then we can really have some fun and tell exciting stories in some really creative ways. I am so excited for you to join me on this journey and to support this project. You know how to reach me should you have any questions and in the meantime, enjoy the stories!

Cover Art: "The Tower of Reflection", the home of a secretive arcane cult known as The Mirror. Original illustration Jason Jarava commissioned by the author.
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