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We are WorshipMob.
We love Jesus...  Like crazy.
His love fills us.  His love empowers us.
Father gave His most beloved, to bring us home.
We produce high-quality / high-definition live worship sessions,
to share this relationship with the world, for free.
But we need your help - your partnership,
to keep this ministry going.
Will you help us?
(501c3 non-profit organization - all gifts are tax-deductible)
Online testimonies of WorshipMob global family members:
“Hey - I absolutely love the heart and passion for God and worship. all of you carry such power and anointing. Bless you!" - Joel, Australia

"So, you know one of the best things ever… hearing my boys sing WM songs as they run around the house… it’s just getting into their hearts, so they sing it out! This morning, my wife tells me our second-born is singing, “I love Your presence” over and over!  It makes my heart so happy! So thanks again, WM… you’re affecting generations!" - Kris, Dallas

"I have been listening to you all morning...and Jesus is so beautiful. not useful...beautiful. and He shows up when we are hungry. Wow. He has filled me through listening...and i have been hungry, dry, and aching, for worship like this. THANK YOU for being the willing instruments He uses. Thank you for seeking out His heart and sharing it with me. THANK YOU, JESUS, for being the one it's all about.  I have been so lifted, held, and encouraged today by Jesus, through you.  Thank you" - Molly, Wisconsin

"I didn't realize how desperately I needed to be reminded what deep, passionate worship of our amazing God was like; I've been deployed for over 6 months, and unfortunately, my faith has really been floundering. Anyway, watching the WorshipMob videos these past couple of days has brought me to my knees for the first time since I left home, and reminded me of my first love again...thank you so much! May God continue to bless and work through your ministry as you pour your hearts out to Him! In Christ, Eric” - active American soldier

"We absolutely love your honest open hearts and pure true worship. It helps us soar to the Lord's Heart! Thank you all!" - Barbara, Ohio
$0 of $5,000 per new video release
WorshipMob usually releases 2 videos a month.  We have over 200 musicians, audio engineers, camera operators, video editors, and other creatives, involved in working towards one goal - sharing the love of Christ, as we experience it, with the world, for free.  Our Father gave us this amazing gift - life IN CHRIST, and we are passionate about including all of God's children in enjoying that same gift!  ...But our vision takes a lot of hard work!  Each video we make takes some 60-80 man hours to create: to record the worship session (full professional studio, with 24 simultaneous tracks of audio, while using 28 video cameras), then edit, mix, and master the audio, sync, produce, & render the video, and then release the finished session to our 50,000 YouTube and Facebook family members.  We sacrifice this time because we love you!  We'd love to have your partnership - to help us bring Jesus' love to the world, with your help in producing many more passionate worship sessions!
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