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Fans of Wrestling Cinema! We are now, WORST POSSIBLE TIMELINE!!!

Each week, we would put ourselves through an hour and a half of psychological torture by watching the WORST straight-to-DVD Walmart bargain bin garbage ever produced! If you chip in a couple bucks a month we'll be sure to keep the content coming and keep you provided with our entertaining feedback. BUT THAT'S ALL DONE!! Seriously, we watched like every single WWE Studios feature. So we switched up the gimmick. It's the same old song, but without the movie to jump off of.

We promise the show will always remain free. But some extra cash in our pockets means we'll come at you with stronger content and bonus episodes specifically for you, our loyal Patreon supporters.

We're not asking for much, any size donation is GREATLY appreciated and we'll shout you out on the show! You have our enormous and eternal thanks forever.

-Eric and Patrick
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Not an ideal role, but a highly necessary one. We appreciate financial support of any level and love you immensely for finding some money to spare for us. Thank you.
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John Cena
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Give us 5 bucks, that's $2.50 for both Patrick and Eric. Think of it as buying us a Yerba Mate for all the good podcasts and bonus content we bring you every week. We appreciate you.
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Wow, you are awesome. Consider yourself a TRUE friend of the podcast. We can't offer extra benefits other than our AWESOME content and bonus episodes. But you get to feel extra good about yourself. Feel free to @ us (@WrestleCinema on twitter) with questions or topics you'd like addressed on the show and we'll find time to fit it in!
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Holy COW you guys are wild. THANK YOU. We hope you're enjoying the Halloween Spooktacular. We will continue to do tiered content like this if you all enjoy it. We still have exciting things on the horizon that we hope to announce very soon. Let's push to $600 per month so we can start making more content and physical merch! Tell a friend. We love you.
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