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About Worthy Goat

"There is lo-fi and then there is Folsom-fi; a sound so unique, there is only one band in the world that can carry the label: Worthy Goat." -Luis Gael Jimenez (https://www.arcurrent.com/arts-culture/2017/03/08/worthy-goat-is-worth-the-listen/)

"Worthy Goat sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It’s like aliens intercepted space-audio from Grateful Dead and Daniel Johnston albums that got mixed with some episodes of Spongebob Squarepants and were so enamored by what they heard, they decided to form a tribute band.” Robert Berry (https://issuu.com/submergemag/docs/submerge226)


Bryce Mondul - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Justin Carter - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Georgio Klironomos - Percussion, Vocals
Nick Setnik - Drums, Vocals
Gage Winthrop - Bass, Electronics, Vocals
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