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Hey! ^-^

My name is wothermelon. I am a beginner cosplayer who is struggling with university and trying to deal with lack of time. I spend most of my time doing arts and crafts or just on gaming. Also on my spare time I like to edit videos of any sort. Creativity was always a big part of my life but as everyone knows it's not cost friendly. So if you like what I do, it would be awesome if you can help me out by being my patron! ♥

Who is wothermelon?

I am a European cosplayer who fell in love with Japanese culture in 2016. My first cosplay was made in 2017 in the end of spring and after that I realized that cosplaying is what I want to do in my life. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I see the results of all my efforts !

The reason why I am creating this Patreon is that right now I am studying and most of my money goes for study supplies (or food xD), so I thought about creating this platform to be able to keep cosplaying ♥ !

• Why should you pledge? How do pledges even help?

Well to answer that question - it's up to you. If you want to help support me in this crazy hobby that's amazing and thank you so much! If you don't want support me that's cool too. Not everyone can afford it and I appreciate everyone opinion & decisions.

As for 'how pledges help', let me break it down.

1  $ could cover the cost of a sheet of craft foam.
5  $ could cover a can of spray paint or 2 tubes of acrylic paint.
10$ could get me a meter of most basic fabrics.
25$ is enough to cover the little extras I need for a cosplay like accessories, socks, shoes, gloves, belts, glasses and so on.
50$ could cover something like a roll of EVA foam, which I used for armor or guns.

So that's a little bit how your support can make a difference!  

• When can I expect my rewards?

There will be one cosplay photoshoot each month! I post photo sets as soon as I will make it and mail out physical rewards between the 5th-10th of the following month after you have started to pledge.

• How often do I put out videos and drawings?

I do not always have time & ideas to make everything on time (since I am studying and it cost (for me) a lot of extra time) so I will not have schedule for it. But you can always write me ideas for it via Meme overdoser 💊!

Thank you for taking your time to read my page! \(^-^)/
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When I reach 5 patrons, I'll do special set for all my patrons!

~ let's play a little bit naughty ♥ ~
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 50 exclusive posts
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