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is creating enhancements for World of Warcraft: Classic Maps
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Hey all. Thank you for the support! You gained access to the Patreon-only feed which may contain a bit of exclusive content. 

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Wooooot. Being Uncommon unlocks all of the common benefits as well as access to future content polls. These polls will be sent out periodically to get an idea of where you would like me to prioritize my time when developing features for

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As well as the previous tier rewards, Rare-tier members get a deeper look into what Wowrares is. By unlocking this tier, you gain access to glimpses of code that I am working on and all of the fun that goes into creating it. This will showcase footage of me working on features and some additional IRL documentary.




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About WoW Rares

Due to the hype of WoW: Classic and the Beta testers, I decided to push what I had online for users to use.

The goal of WoW Rares is to provide very specific spawn information of World of Warcraft: Classic.

The site displays Rare Mobs and the location that they spawn in. I hope to integrate ore, herb, chest, and any other valued information into the maps as I become more familiar with the data.
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$10/month is about the going rate for hosting the site. I hope to gain enough patrons to cover the raw costs of the site.
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