Baccar Wozat

is creating Minecraft videos and running the Mental Block server

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For the pursuance of continuance of the server, your contribution is greatly welcome. All donators will be honored in my singleplayer video series.
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Those who sacrifice a greater amount for the greater good will partake of it. Video series suggestions and requests will be taken seriously.




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I run the Mental Block Minecraft server which anyone can join and contains awesome mods like Cubic Chunks and Little Tiles. I also make videos showcasing some of the amazing builds found therein, in addition to other occasional gaming videos.

It's not a lucrative thing-- it's merely a hobby and I don't expect anything out of it except to have fun, and I hope I can entertain others while doing so.

But since I quit my job some time ago, because I was not being treated as a human being, I can only pursue my hobby for so long before the money runs out. With donations, any servers I run can continue, I could make more videos, and certainly I would not have to deal with uncaring, greedy employers.

Join the Mental Block Discord to see what this is all about!
$28.53 of $40 per month
I can start a second Mental Block server which could be for CC anarchy, LT creative, vanilla or even Lord of the Rings. We'll probably vote on which one.
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