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About Wrapsesh

Wrapsesh was established in 2016 along with the Vinyl Vixen brand. We were inspired to create our own Wrap company because we wanted to bring higher quality to our customers, along with the freedom to create unique works of art. We began our Youtube channel and Instagram as a way to showcase our work, spread our message of quality to the wrap community, and better educate those in the industry. We believe in learning in a apprentice method of perfecting your trade, and getting paid.

Because we don't have industry certifications, we operate outside the rules which gives us freedom to be ourselves in our work. This combination makes us some of the most unique installers in the automotive wrap industry.

We're here because bringing our knowledge to Social Media requires time, energy, and even money to produce. If you're a fan of our material, a fellow wrapper looking to perfect your craft, or inspiring to get into the industry, we need your help. In return for your contributions, we will offer you the most valuable things we have, knowledge and fun! You can learn details of our techniques, participate in Q&A's where we provide feedback, and get first access to tools and merchandise made only by us! You may even land a feature if you want to collaborate with us!

Together, we can create a community of like minded artists looking to take over this wrap game. Join the Shark Mouth Squad today and let's slay some wraps! 
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