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Your support is the fuel for this blazing inferno of math education. That is probably a bad metaphor. We're not burning anything down. But thanks so much for the support! 

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The What and the Why
Hey there, thanks for checking out the Patreon for Wrath of Math! I'm Sean, and I created the Wrath of Math YouTube channel in 2016 to teach math to as many people as possible. In person, I have tutored bunches of students in many areas of math. Over time, it became clear from my own experience, the experiences that countless students have shared, and the raw numbers, that the education system in place is not cutting it, and students are not satisfied with or excited about their education.  

I believe that being taught mathematics in person and one on one is the most powerful way to learn. But always-ready online video lessons are a huge part of education's future.

So what's the point?

My goal is to make a quality mathematics education accessible to everyone, and to not take your money unless you have money to give, and decide that my content has proven valuable enough to earn your money. If my lessons don't help you learn, I don't deserve a dime. That is the point, and that is why I am teaching this way. No one should be stuck with a bad teacher. By providing my math lessons for free upfront, I let you be the judge. 

Why Pledge?
The more money I can reliably earn from Wrath of Math, the more time I can justify spending on it. Teaching math is what I love to do, so I put in the work that I can to grow Wrath of Math regardless of the money. But time is very limited. Ideally, I want to work on Wrath of Math full time. It will be a long road to that point, but until then I can only put in the limited time I have available. Your pledge will increase the amount of time I can spend on Wrath of Math, go towards new equipment, books, and software that fuel and inspire the lessons, and will contribute to the education of countless people. Well, not countless, actually. Wrath of Math has reached over 250,000 people so far, and that is without any money. So imagine what we can do with your support!

So what about the perks? Besides my immense gratitude, and the positive karma of having contributed to the education of so many people, I have a few other small things for you. I will update Patreon with behind the scenes pictures and videos, detailing what I am working on, contemplating, and providing early looks at new content coming to Wrath of Math, as well as regularly featuring your name at the end of Wrath of Math videos.

Providing benefits for those who pledge is a bit tricky here because venturing too far down the rabbit hole will destroy the point of what we are doing. I won't lock educational math content or the ability to request certain content behind a paywall. This means that providing exclusive lessons, or considering Patrons' lesson requests above all others is out of the question.     

With all of that said, I welcome your ideas for additional benefits. If you can think of something else you'd be interested in, let me know!  

The Future
With your help, Wrath of Math will continue to host new and exciting math lessons on YouTube, teaching tens of thousands of people the world over. But what else is there? What else is coming? I am glad you asked! I am super excited about Wrath of Math and what we offer now, but just as exciting is what I plan to create in the future! Below are some content ideas I plan to bring to Wrath of Math, and some I have considered for the future. 

Future Plans

  •  Math lessons with music: Most videos on Wrath of Math feature some of my original music at the end of the video, but not during the lesson. However, music helps many people to focus and study. Offering lessons with original instrumentals in the background may help some viewers focus better and enjoy the lessons more. Additionally, videos could be posted consisting entirely of my original lesson instrumentals, perhaps with additional video/audio ambiance as a study tool. We're basically talking entirely original full-length albums here. For math! 

  • Full courses: Something you won't find on Wrath of Math is a full course from start to finish. I'd like to add full courses to our catalog. These videos would be designed for you to watch in sequence, where each video assumes you have watched and learned the material from the previous videos, and the whole sequence of videos teaches the material typically covered in a particular course.  

  • Python lessons: Python is a great first programming language for those interested in programming, and is great for doing math as well. Thus, lessons on how to code in Python would fit well on Wrath of Math. 

  • More everything: There is still so much math to teach. I will do more lessons in areas I have already dabbled in as well as lessons in new areas that don't yet appear on Wrath of Math. Calculus, abstract algebra, game theory, set theory, we'll get to it all! 

Future Possibilities

  • Website: A website gives us a way to provide the free video lessons we already do, but independent of YouTube, which is a pretty unpredictable site at this point. It also gives us a great place to provide non-video content, and for our community to interact. 

  • The Wrath of Math Show: Wrath of Math is all about clear and efficient explanations of mathematical concepts and problems. But what if it wasn't? A "Wrath of Math Show" is something I've wanted to do for a while. Carefully made, well written, engaging "edutainment" designed to present particularly interesting or significant mathematical ideas, problems, and stories in 10 to 30 minute episodes. I started writing the first episode a while ago, but it's a big project and I can't justify the time for it yet, as the more standard lessons are the first priority. 

  • Wrath of Math Podcast: A podcast! Why not? There is a ton of great mathematics to be discussed, as well as topics more loosely related to mathematics. A podcast would be a lot of fun. If we have the funds, and a sufficiently large and interested audience eventually, I just might try my hand at doing one with a math-minded friend or two.

  • Multiple languages: There are two ways this could manifest, hiring a translator to upload translated transcripts for the lessons already on Wrath of Math, or more boldly, hiring an additional lesson host who presents in a different language. The latter option I think would be more helpful, and would be a great way to extend Wrath of Math's reach beyond the confines of English. 

These new ideas to grow and expand the ways that Wrath of Math can teach and entertain people can only happen with your help. So if you choose to pledge to Wrath of Math, I cannot thank you enough for helping me get closer to the visions described above. If you love what we do, but aren't in a position to pledge, then taking a second to share the link to the YouTube channel and/or the Patreon page is just as appreciated. If Wrath of Math has helped you, continues to help you, and/or you want to help us help others, your pledge would mean the world to me. I can't wait to see how much educational and enjoyable math content we can bring to the world.     
$4 of $50 per month
I figured we should have at least one goal to start off with, so let's have a laugh. When we hit $50 a month, I will do a Wrath of Math lesson where I am instructing the lesson with chalk on the road. Don't worry, I won't waste much time on it, it will be a goof, a gag, and we can all have a good laugh.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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