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About Wrestling Shorts

Hello, everyone!
My name is Ash and welcome to the Wrestling Shorts Patreon page!
Wrestling Shorts is a cartoon show on YouTube for everyone who wants to enjoy the WWE in a different way. I do the animations, voice-overs, editing and writing all by myself, and I now need your help to continue to grow the channel and improve the quality of the show. That's why I'm asking you to support Wrestling Shorts by becoming a Patron. Not only will you have my undying appreciation, but there will be some cool rewards in it for you!

The plan is simple. The money will be used to help the channel grow. That means more cartoons and better quality cartoons. Right now, I upload 1 cartoon every month. That cartoon is usually about the upcoming PPV. I'd like to expand it to 2 or 3 cartoons a month, so I can make more parody cartoons, more Dream Match Contests, and I'm even planning on giving Doggy Rusev his own monthly show "The Doggy Rusev Show".
So if you want to see Doggy Rusev climb to the top, break that glass ceiling, and become the first ever canine World Champion, please... please become a Patron. Do it for Doggy Rusev.  

Last year I started Wrestling Shorts on YouTube with two goals. The first being to entertain all my viewers and bringing a smile to your faces. The second goal is to take my passion of wrestling and animating cartoons, to combine those two, and somehow someway make a living creating wrestling cartoons. I can proudly and gratefully say that I'm achieving my first goal! My second goal however... not so much. Since YouTube has classified wrestling as "non-ad-friendly", I have hardly been making any money for my hard work and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. And, I want to be honest with you guys, that has been pretty demotivating.
You see, at the moment I have a fulltime job to make ends meet. If I want Wrestling Shorts to continue and to grow, I'll need more time, resources and I'll have to be able to afford that... Well, you get the idea.

So, to keep it simple, Wrestling Shorts needs your help. Wrestling Shorts needs your support. Let's make this channel the biggest wrestling channel there is. Together we can do it. Because together...

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I'll upload episodes of "The Doggy Rusev Show" every two months.
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