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Y'all are what moves my story from word to word, sentence to sentence. You make my story beautiful and bizarre. And for that, I offer:
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  • Basically everything I'm going to post here, except the behind-the-scenes stuff
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Y'all  give my story meaning and meat. You're what keeps me turning the page, what keeps me invested. And so I offer you:
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Y'all are the reason my story still exists, and you're the reason I'll always keep fighting and keep writing, and you fill me with joy. The least I can offer is:
  • My eternal love and support (if you need me to fight anyone, just ask)
  • Process/behind-the-scenes
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About Gem

I am a queer, disabled, mentally ill writer of weird shit. I just want to write stories about queer, disabled, mentally ill people saving the world and breaking the world and falling in love and being messy and magic and powerful, and I want anyone who wants to read my stories to be able to :)
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When I reach $50, I will do a story giveaway. Meaning one patron will pick an idea (can be as general as "f/f mermaid pirate romcom" or as detailed as an outline with characters, plot, and themes, pre-picked) and I will write the story, up to 2,500 words. It's every writing-lover's dream--have someone else write your story for you, just the way you want. And, if you like, you will get a byline.
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