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At this stage...

At this stage this page is primarily intended for people who are familiar with writeups.org *and* who are patreon.com regulars.

So if you're already a patron, you can just add writeups.org to you patronage list rather than donate via Paypal. So that's convenient.

If you somehow managed to stumble upon this page at random...

Writeups.org is a large site with a lof of character profiles from comic books, video games, novels, movies, etc. (5,783 profiles as of this writing).

This means illustrations, biography, characterisation notes, quotes, RPG stats, capabilities analysis, discussion of those aspects of the setting related to the character, etc. Yes, it's for geeks.

It gets quite a lot of traffic, but we don't do marketing given the project's non-commercial nature.

As to me personally, I'm Sébastien. I write a lot of the profiles on writeups.org, and do an awful lot of webmastering and editing work.

I'm 45, I currently live in France, I'm a MIT graduate and I'm almost nicer than I look.

State of the project

Writeups.org has been going on in one form or another for 20-ish years.

In May, 2016 we made a big jump to a much better, much more modern web site. Which is awesome, but took 20+ months filled with soul-destroying grind. And while it *is* delivered, there's an enormous amount of work left to bring everything up to speed.

What this Patreon pays for

Our income sources are used like this :
- Our AdSense adverts pay for the hosting itself (at least for now, because adblockers)
- Our PayPal donations are used to build a war chest to pay contractors when upgrading the site
- Our Amazon recommendations reimburse the years of hosting and development costs accrued before we had adverts and donations
- This here Patreon is meant as a symbolic pay for the time spent managing and editing the site. Both the ongoing work, the aforementioned 20+ months marathon, and all the years before that.

How much work goes into running the site

In recent years, my own work on writeups.org (writing, images processing, webmastering, editing, outreach, etc.) has been about 80 hours/week for 50-ish weeks a year.

This is chiefly because of chronic pain and exhaustion issues. Conventional work is no longer an option for me. I have to stay home, and not in a fun way. Writeups.org is something that allows me to focus past these hindrances and endure. 

I'm significantly slowed down by these health problems, so I guess the actual output is the equivalent of a 30 or 40 hours week.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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