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About The Writing Cooperative

Helping each other write better:
 It’s not just a slogan, it’s our mission statement. The Writing Cooperative provides ad-free content to over 150k followers and 15k unique daily visitors to our publication dedicated to writing, editing, publishing, and the creative process. We also offer the ability to submit articles about writing (and even earn money) and a 4k+ member Slack community where writers collaborate and network with peers. All of this for free.

But to continue maintaining and growing this community, we need your support. Becoming a patron of The Writing Cooperative means you’ll help us not just stay alive, but thrive. In exchange for your support, we’re offering exclusive perks for different levels of patronage.

Our mission is simple: Help each other write better. Join us.

  • Administrators: The 4 founders of The Writing Cooperative; Stella J. McKenna, Jessica Jungton, Justin Cox, and Sand Farnia.
  • Contributors / Writers: Writers who contribute articles to The Writing Cooperative. Becoming a contributor is easy and free.
  • Followers: Our more than 150,000 people who currently follow our publication on Medium.
  • Medium Members: Paying members of Medium who can see the locked content in The Writing Cooperative publication.
  • Medium Partners: Contributors who join the Medium Partnership Program to earn money for their articles.
  • Patrons: Those who financially support The Writing Cooperative on Patreon as Fans, Supporters, Friends, and VIPs.
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When we hit 150 patrons, we'll begin work on the first ever Writing Cooperative eBook!

This book will be for patrons only and include some of our favorite articles (and maybe a few surprises) geared toward helping you be a better writer. Every part of the book's creation (from the theme and even some of the content) will be decided upon by our patrons.

Help us get to 150 patrons and then help us create an awesome book for you!
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