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Thank you for considering becoming a patron. This world is a little bit brighter because people like you are in it.

I started editing fiction and helping friends navigate the technical aspects of self-publishing more than eight years ago. Working with fellow creatives - fellow writers - and having the opportunity to see their dreams come to life has been one of the most rewarding careers I could ever have chosen. I've had the opportunity to work on a bestselling anthology, edit two authors who have gone on to become USA Today Bestsellers, as well support local writers through annual editing workshops.

It's 2018, and I want to expand. I recently started offering freelance edits beyond those who I have met in real life (you can submit your first chapter for free). My writing workshops have been successful for the last five years. Sharing my knowledge of story craft has been happening on my blog at Writing on Point for more than two years. Plus I am the founding editor at Crimson Melodies Publishing, a small independent press dedicated to speculative fiction.

There are things I haven't been able to get to - like hosting a higher number of workshops and publishing anthologies more regularly - that would become realistically achievable with just a little extra income every month. That's why I'm here.

Joining me on Patreon gets you one step closer to being inside my head. (My characters are all waving because I told them to play nice.) You will get an in-depth look at all my experiences, plus some of the higher tiers get you automatic access to my editing services.

Self-publishing is ever evolving. Some days things are going great, running smoothly, and other days the wheels are coming off the bus. Book descriptions are a challenge, marketing even more so, and I don't have the best answers when someone asks, "how do I find my audience?" What I do have is the ability to bring out the heart of a story, to make sure readers will always remember the protagonist's name, and to be a guide through the quagmire of muddling middles.

Having a supportive community can be the difference between good days and great ones, bad days and terrible ones. I want Writing on Point to expand into a true community, where writers can work together, collaborate, and share their processes. It's being built, right here right now, and becoming a patron means you'll be an integral part.

Also, there are some pretty nifty rewards to consider.

  • Tier 1 aka Active Dreamers - Patron only posts and discounts on future editing service purchases.
  • Tier 2 aka Feral Writers - Downloadable content crafted for my writing workshops.
  • Tier 3 aka Story Weavers - Monthly chats with fellow writers and access to video posts from yours truly.
  • Tier 4 aka World Shapers - Participate in a monthly critique session with fellow patrons. 
  • Tier 5 aka Universe Builders - Every 3 months, I will critique one of your stories (as long as it's less than 80k words).
  • Tier 6 aka Destiny Forgers - Every month is one story critique (still less than 80k) plus a one-on-one chat to discuss the feedback.

No matter what level you support, you'll have my eternal gratitude because it will mean I'm one step closer to doing more of the things I love. Even if you're not ready or able to become a patron today, but you like the idea of helping fellow writers, consider sharing this on social media to help get the word out. You can also  follow me on Twitter or like my page on Facebook . Either way, you're fantastic for reading all this all the way to the end.
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Stories are everywhere.

  • Get instant access to my patron only updates. 
  • Future discounts on purchasing my editing services.

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Feral Writers
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Earning trust one feeding at a time.

  • Receive downloadable versions of resources previously created for Writing on Point writer workshops, plus instant download access to any new ones.
  • All rewards from previous level.
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Story Weavers
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Plot and character threads are two of the many important things in your life.

  • Access to video posts where I talk about writing, editing, and independent publishing.
  • Once a month, be invited to a google hangout or discord chat with fellow writers where we discuss our work, publishing, and even a little about marketing strategies.
  • All rewards from previous levels. 
Includes Discord rewards
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Once this goal is reached, I will commit to a minimum of two patrons only posts every month.
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