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+ ваше имя в конце каждой главы. Концепты моих проектов, включая SOULGATE, мудборды, раскадровки, личные референсы, фото и видео материалы. Таймлапсы или степ-бай-степы работ. Участие в опросах, средний размер работ из раннего доступа




Hello, dear patrons! Nice to meet you! I am SKIEYWAYFARER. I'm russian.
[My English is not so good, but I'm trying to make it better by communication with you.]
I create comics (manga) and illustrations.
I hope, my art will inspire you and bring warmth to your heart. :)
Feel free! You are welcome!

A little bit about my art:

SOULGATE manga is the main series project, which I draw with the huge love and the highest quality. I have a dream to share that story with you! The whole script is ready, so I draw the pages. The first chapter is already available on the Internet. Also I like to draw portraits and cute antros
With your support I can continue to work on my manga as full time job! I'll share with my little artist/scriptwriter secrets and concepts here! I'll share as much new material as I can as often as I can. Thanks for checking out my patreon!
Patreon gives an opportunity for me to continue with my favorite hobby. This Patreon page is my chance to create more content just for you!  

Here is some information about what you get for subscription:
$10+ SOULGATE (and other projects) concepts/photos/etc (old and new).
$15+ Personal manga or portrait materials (screentones/brushes/textures/etc) and tips.
Please note: All rewards $10+ and higher tiers will be delivered to you via private message after your pledge is proceeded.

Where you can read my manga here:

Watch out more my artworks and links here:

Patreon will be avaliavle soon! Subscribe to follow the news!
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This would help me with a big chunk of my bills and other living expenses as well as help me dedicate more time on fun things for this Patreon and other personal works in the future!
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