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this allows you access to most of my patreon posts but also helps me eat. you'll see every side of me, even the side of me that I don't tweet about. access to photos and videos that I could never tweet (bc insecure, etc.) and in general a more real side of me.
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y'all got money???? this allows access to everything I post on patreon, as well as my private twitter account. Between these two you'll get to know a lot about me that my public twitter doesn't show. Im also poorer than y'all think so thank you for your support.  Also if you wanna give me your address I'll write you a personalized letter, tell you a funny story... lets be pen pals!
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I feel like the more expensive I make each tier, the more pretentious I get... and that is okay. this allows access to all my patreon and private twitter content along with a handwritten letter, as well as a follow back if I don't already follow you!




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About wtfjxrge

hello, my name is Jorge Bush and I tweet about my life... now that im on this site hopefully you guys will get to know me better.

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