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About Wüdworks

What's my name? Antonio

Where am I from? Mexico City

How old am I? 27

What do I do? I have a masters in Architecture, yet the world of furniture design has always been something that called my attention. Finally decided to give it a try and well... here I am.

Why do I need Patreon? It's hard to begin a business when you don't have the resources needed to do it. I have slowly been acquiring what I need to be able to have a full functioning shop but I'm not quite there yet.

What are my favorite materials? I'm not really a fan of all wood furniture. I like to combine wood with metal or concrete to make a final product that really contrasts.
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If we reach this goal it means my Patreon page wasn't a complete failure. So... why not make a a 3d carving of my company's logo with the names of the first 50 people that believed in me carved in it to keep in my shop all the time as a show of my grattitude.
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