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is creating giveaways, unique social events, and hosting a community.
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About Wumpus Labs

Wumpus Labs is a Discord server dedicated to providing an interactive, interesting and unique platform to connect with various types of people. We host daily giveaways and unique events on a weekly basis.

The staff team is dedicated to ensuring that the community is safe and spam free with no toxic behaviour. We ensure that you enjoy every moment of the server. 

Unfortunately, daily giveaways and weekly event rewards as well as the premium bots cost us a ton; however, we are very fortunate to have such an amazing community who are willing to support us; that is most likely why you are here and we are very grateful for that. Everything that we receive from our sponsors and patrons are dedicated to the server and the more we get, the more we are able to give!

Now, you may want to support us, but we want to support you even more! Not only will your donation allow us to keep up with the expense of giveaways, tournaments, events, and premium bots, but it will also grant you an exclusive role to which you will receive additional benefits! These benefits are stated within the tiers.
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